Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Painting, "First Sermon", Henry Clay Morrison at Johnson's Chapel, Casey County, Kentucky.

New Painting, First Sermon, 16x20, oil on canvas, by Gary Bewley, for Morrison Park.  In 1878, Morrison, recently licensed to preach was given his first assignment to travel from Perryville Ky. , over the knobs to Casey county, along the Rolling Fork River to preach his first sermon at Johnson's Chapel. He arrived the day before spending the night at the home of State Representative William Green Johnson, who built the church in mid 1800's. Morrison wrote, "Sabbath morning I went up in the field where there was a great rock covered with bushes and grapevines, and I prayed earnestly for help. I cannot remember positively what my text was, but I had Liberty, told my experience, exhorted the people. Everybody was in tears. I went to Brother Johnson's for dinner. Someone said "Everybody in our church wept while you preached and told your experience." Coming back, Morrison preached at Sycamore Methodist Church Sunday afternoon.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Everyone is invited to the weekend revival at Morrison Park Camp Meeting. Bro. Michael Richey, and Bro. Robert Carver will our special evangelist.  We need your prayers and support to keep Morrison Park alive and well. Please plan to attend and help us. Please tell others. There will be a "Fall Open House on Sat. evening beginning at 4 p.m. Refreshments will be served. For further information call Gary Bewley 270-834-9553  or

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Morrison Park Graces the Cover of New Traces Magazine

Morrison Park, and Henry Clay Morrison, graces the cover of the new Traces Magazine 2018, Vol.46, Issue 2 . Bewley's painting of "Preachers At Old Camp Meeting," recently received honors in the US Bank Celebration of the Arts. This year was the largest exhibit ever with over 400 entries. All entries are judged and awards were given in eight categories. Bewley won second place in the amateur division. The painting is the sixth prepared as an exhibit for Morrison Park.The painting shows the pulpit area of the original Tabernacle at the Park. Along with Morrison, the painting also shows over 20 of the earliest preachers to preach at Morrison Park.
Professor Nancy Richey at WKU's Kentucky Library, and also a board member at the park, researched and was able to obtain histories and photographs of many ministers who preached there. The ministers in the painting were never all there at one time, but it was for Bewley a great way to depict the old tabernacle and at the same time honor some of the ministers that labored there.
The painting depicts Morrison as he appeared about 1909. He is standing front and center.The other preachers,(and noting at least one of the years they were at the park for the yearly two week revival), are left to right, Front row, Evang. J.B. Kendall (1906), Rev. C.E. Roberts (1908), Rev. George Floyd Taylor (1909), Bro. Andrew Johnson (1921), Rev. C.P. Gossett (1921), Morrison (standing), Rev. J.L. Piercy, of Glasgow (preached and assisted many times, featured evangelist as early as 1916), Beck Brothers, A.S. Beck and R.S. Beck (1931, 32)
Rev. B.G. Carnes (1933),
Back row, Rev. E.A. Ferguson (1905), Rev. W.P. Yarbrough of Leesville SC. (1913), Rev. John Robert Marrs of Mansville Ky. (1917), Bro. C.F. Wimberley (1919), Rev. J.R. Parker (1938), Rev. Ernest Dixon, partially seen, (1940), Morrison (center) Rev. Henry W. Blackburn, mostly hidden (1964), Bishop U.V. W. Darlington (1935), Rev. Kenton H. Bird of Wilmore Ky.(1922), Dr. Jordon Witt Carder of Wilmore (1915), Rev. Virgil Moore from Asbury College (1937), Rev. L.E. Squires from Fountain Run Ky. (1918)
The traces magazine is published quarterly by the Barren County Historical Society, Editor, Sandi Gorin. The magazine "Traces" is free to members of the Society. To become a member send $15 to Barren County Historical Society, Post Office Box 157
Glasgow, Kentucky 42142-0157

Friday, April 13, 2018

Program on Rev. Henry Clay Morrison, Monday night, April 16, 6:30 P.M. at WKU's Kentucky Building.

New painting of Rev. Henry Clay Morrison by Gary Bewley for Morrison Park

 More artwork, hopefully honoring the minister we love , Henry Clay Morrison, the picture is duplicated below in a black and white version.
 Visit the Morrison Museum at Morrison Park Camp Meeting, the boyhood home of Morrison, located at 4283 Tompkinsville Rd. Glasgow, Ky. Ph. Gary Bewley 270-834-9553 for available times and appointments.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A memorial donation made in honor of Bonita Richey at Morrison Park

A $100.00 donation is made to Morrison Park Camp Meeting Association in memory of Miss Bonita Richey. A memorial page remembering Bonita will be entered in the memorial book at the Morrison Memorial Library Cabin at the park.