Friday, August 27, 2021

Memorial Made in Memory of Gary Dale Jones

 A contribution has been made to Morrison Park Camp Meeting in memory of Gary Dale Jones by Linda Mayberry, Andrea and Todd Woolridge, and Katelyn and Justin Sams. A memorial page will be entered into the memorial book at Morrison Park, H.C. Morrison Library. We are very thankful for this contribution in memory of Gary.  

Friday, August 6, 2021

Heartfelt Salvation Discouraged, Mental Decision Religion is brought again to my door.


I am extremely troubled at heart. "Mental Decision Religion" literature has once again been brought to my door. It is sponsored by one of the largest churches in our county. While it paints a beautiful picture of the Gospel and of our dear Savior, it concludes with the formulaic Sinner's Prayer, and discourages any assurances (feeling from) of the Holy Spirit to positive proof of the re-birth. I believe this is a most danderous way to present the Gospel. But sadly it is the modern accepted way. In my humble opinion it has the potential to decieve the masses. It is, I believe, as described in the later days, those having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turnaway. I cannot see to the life of me how any minister who has truly been born again and recieved the assurances of the Holy Spirit as promised in the scriptures could endorse and promote such a practice. I do not wish to hurt anyone's feelings or offend anyone. I know I have made enemies, and drove some people away, but I cannot back down nor fail to stand up for the gospel that I know, nor fail to witness the joys of the Precious Holy Spirit which the Lord promised and has given to those that are His. These are wonderful glorious feelings from Heaven above, of Love, Joy, and Peace. The Holy Spirit bears witness when we are saved. You must be Born Again. I will do all in my power, given from my Saviour above to preach this great truth Sunday morning at Morrison Park. Think me an old fool if you will. Think me the worse preacher that ever drew a breath. Think me a fanatic. Think what you will of me. But, for the eternal sake of yourself, your children and for the sake of all you hold dear, would you give me one morning? One service? One chance to hear this message from the Lord? Gary Bewley The service will be held in the outside, open-air tabernacle. You are welcome to bring your own chair and sit outside on the lawn. Morrison Park is non-denominational. Morrison Park is located on Hwy 63 (Tompkinsville Rd.) about 5 miles from downtown Glasgow Ky. at the corner of Bristletown Rd. (Use GPS 4283 Tompkinsville Rd).
For additional information you may call, 270-834-9553.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A Contribution has been made to Morrison Park in memory of Ricky Furlong

 A contribution was made to Morrison Park Camp Meeting by Linda Mayberry, Katelyn and Justin Sams, and Andrea and Todd Woolridge in memory of Marty Lile. A memorial page will be entered in the Memorial Book at the H.C. Morrison Library at Morrison Park. We are thankful for this wonderful donation in memory of Marty.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Contribution made to Morrison Park Camp Meeting in Memory of Marty Thad Lile

A contribution has been made to Morrison Park Camp Meeting in memory of Marty Lile. The contribution of $100 was made  by Linda Mayberry, Andrea and Todd Woolridge, and Katelyn and Justin Sams. A memorial page will be added to the Memorial Book in the Morrison Library at the Morrison Park. We are greatful for this wonderful contribution in memory of Marty. 

Friday, March 12, 2021

     It is with much conviction and prayer that the decision has been made to hold services weekly at Morrison Park Camp Meeting this year. Since the completion of the park and tabernacle, services have been held at various times throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. With few exceptions, attendance has been most disappointing. Under these conditions, one might consider doing less instead of more. However, we prayerfully feel we must give our all this year, praying, working and striving for success in attendance and most importantly, the salvation of many souls. I realize many churches are struggling also, and have the same concerns that we have. The Lord has blessed us with much success in the ten year restoration of the park, and we trust that He has marvelous plans in store for us. I have prayerfully asked the Lord to send a minister to us.While, I feel most unworthy and inadequate, I do feel the need to dedicate myself to the preaching of the gospel each Sunday morning this year, and to do all I can to do His will. We will put it all in His hands, and expect much. Please help us if you can. Please come if you feel led. Please keep us in your prayers that the Lord's will will be done. 
      Scheduled preaching services, April 4, Easter Sunday Sunrise Service, 6 a.m. and 11 a.m. 
                                                       11 a.m. worship services, each Sunday morning, April 4  thru   
                                                       October 31.
      All services are planned to be be held in the outside, open-air tabernacle where there is much room for social distancing. In favorable weather you are welcome bring your own chair and sit on the lawn. In case of in climate weather or cold, services will be held in the Morrison Library cabin. Morrison park is non-denominational and belongs to the community. No one associated with Morrison Park receives any pay for any services.  If any (ministers, singers, musicians, ect..) has a lead to come and be a part of our services, I encourage you to contact me. We would be most appreciative to all. 
Gary Bewley  ,2731 Tompkinsville Rd. Glasgow, Ky. 42141 For additional information you may call,  270-834-9553.