Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Praise the Lord, for once again giving me the opportunity to Preach His Word.

    I glady praise the Lord for His allowing me (Gary Bewley) the opportunity to once again preach His Word. Lord willing I will be traveling to Smith County Tn. on January 31, 2016, at 6 p.m. to preach at, New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. When I received the invitation to come, I immediatly just thanked the Lord with all my heart for this opportunity. The Lord in return visited me. The Lord blessed me with His wonderful Holy Spirit. Words cannot describe the joy He sent way. I rejoiced for the longest time. I laughed. I cried. I praised His Holy name. Then, I laughed and I cried some more. And, just when I thought it was over, He blessed me again. How marvellous and wonderful He is.
    I praise His blessed, Holy Name. If you are my friend, please pray for me that the Lord will use me, according to His will in this service. I don't expect anyone from Glasgow and Barren County to travel so far to hear me. But, if this service could be anything like, what I experienced from the Lord, the night I recieved the invitation, and, if you could recieve the same blessing, it would be worth the traveling of many, many miles. The Lord has placed a great burden and sermon upon my heart. I would appreciate any and all prayers from my dear friends. Oh' how l feel His precious love right now. Oh' how I love Jesus, and I love all of you. May God Bless you all. Bro.Gary Bewley

Saturday, January 16, 2016


    An Angel of Morrison Park, my friend, Gale E. Renner from Batavia Il. Although Gale has only visited Glasgow a few times,through our friendship he has felt led to give to the Morrison Park Tabernacle Fund. Gale has donated $210.00 himself. While others have given more, Gale has done something most people have not. Gale contacted all his friends in Illinois and across the nation to please give too. His efforts has brought contributions totaling $340.00 from as far away as California and Arizona. These people will likely never be here, to see and enjoy the benefits of their generosity, yet they gave something, and it all helps so much. If everyone will give and ask your friends and family to give, even just a little, we can have something very nice at Morrison Park. Morrison Park is your park, your history, and for your community. Thanks, Gary Bewley ( Gale is pictured at the Ulysses S. Grant home in Galena Il.) Send your tax deductible donations to Morrison Park Camp Association, 3731 Tompkinsville Rd. Glasgow, Ky. 42141

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

90 Days To Go! What Shall We Build?

The time is at hand for the re-building of the Tabernacle at Morrison Park. It will begin (always Lord willing) Spring 2016. It is our wish to build something everyone will enjoy and be proud of. This is our opportunity, but we can only build with what we have. The park belongs to the community. There is no outside funding of any kind. It is historic and should be something we could take much pride in. Let's pray people will do all they can for something so important. Please give what you can.  Please look below for a list of all those who have contributed. God Bless you all, Gary Bewley

Monday, November 16, 2015

Morrison Park Memorials in Memory of Thelma Daniels, and George Christy

Two Morrison Park Memorials have been made in honor of Thelma Daniels and George Christy, from Dannie R. Daniels. We are so thankful for these memorial contributions for Morrison Park, in memory of these wonderful people. Thank you Mr. Daniels for helping us, by honoring your loved ones. God Bless You. Gary Bewley

Monday, November 9, 2015

Donations To New Morrison Park Tabernacle Fund

A fund raising drive which began in June 2015 for a new tabernacle at Morrison Park has been very successful. The fundraising drive will continue through the Spring of 2016 when work on the Tabernacle is set to begin. If you have not supported this cause, I pray you will consider helping. Morrison Park belongs to everyone in Barren County, so we must all do our part to preserve it.
The following people have made donations to the Tabernacle Fund, and we are so very grateful and thankful to these tremendous people and these precious churches for their generosity. We love you all and cannot tell you how much your contributions means to our efforts.

Gale Renner (Batavia Il.)
Lou Jackson (Louisville, KY.)
Gale E. Renner (Batavia IL.)
Jay P. and Aileen Weber (Batavia IL.)
James and Elsa Knott (Tucson AR.)
Scott Queen, State Farm Insurance Co. (Batavia IL.)
Gale Renner (Batavia IL.)
Fredrica Weber (West Hollywood CA.)
Charles David Smith
Harold Kelly
Patricia Kelly
Jerry D. & Peg Burgett (Beardstown Il.)
Sharon D. Zamp ( Saint Charles IL.)
Gale E. Renner (Batavia IL.)
Karyl J. George ( Hayward, CA.)
Boyd's Creek Methodist Church
Rhonda Thomerson (Columbia, Ky.)
Lou Jackson  (Louisville KY.)
Bruce and Joyce Richey
Lanny Whitlow
Robert L. Knott (Bellevue NE.)      
Dannie R. Daniels (Louisville KY.)
Bob and Donna Rich                        
Gale E. Renner  (Batavia IL.)
Siloam Baptist Church                      
Temple Hill Baptist Church
Martha and Stephen Jones                
Geraldine Dennison
Lou Jackson (Louisville KY.)          
Ada Christy
Wandaline McCoy                          
Debbie Powell
Bro. Dale and Liz Copas                  
Dover Baptist Church (Etoile)
James and Olene Richey                  
Howard Perkins
Mike Hudspeth                                  
Bro. Timothy and Michelle Shirley
Bro. Billy and Mable Moran            
Elizabeth Bruner  ( Louisville KY.)
Maxene Underwood                          
Eugene R. Hack (Louisville KY.)
Gerald Dean and Patricia Taylor      
Col.Carroll and Ann Bewley (Tallahassee FL.)
Danny Simmons                                
William Earl and Nell Bowles
Virginia Houchens                              
Rollin and Shirley Bacon
Bethal Methodist Church (Hwy 90 Glasgow)    
Gary Bewley
Gina Lyon                                                          
Joey Crews

Other contributions to Morrison Park since Dec, 2014,

Barren River Rod and Gun Club        
Carl and Mary Lou Jackson (numerous donations)
Al Sharber (Louisville , KY.)              
Joseph and Beverly Smallwood (Salem IN.)
Eugene R. Hack (Louisville KY.)        
Steven and Katherine Jackson  (Nashville TN.)
Thomas and Kathy Hassee (Norwalk OH.)    
Cheryl L. Goddard (Louisville KY.)
Kristy Brawand (Clarksville IN.)          
Golden Oldies (Temple Hill KY.)
Maxene Underwood                              
Marshall and Mary Wagoner

Also, Ricky Spillman for special help and donation concerning dozer work at the Park.
          Tony Clemmons , labor, and various materials, (electrical Work)
          Lowe's, (discount on many items during the electrical work.)
          Buck Riddle, (carpentry work at the park)
          Bob and Edie Bell ( providing and caring for the beautiful flowers on the grounds.)
          Matt Mutter, Roger Gentry and The Barren County Correctional Center Work Program, for  
          mowing the park.
So many others have given to Morrison Park, whom we have previously thanked. But we want to say  "Thank You " again,  to everyone that has help in every way. God Bless You All, and please never stop helping us and praying for the success of the Park. Love to All, Gary Bewley

Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Mourner's Bench", they don't have them anymore. WHY?

    An elderly man pulled up beside me yesterday and began to talk. In his conversation he mentioned how his church used to have what they called a "Mourner's Bench". He said, "you know they don't have one anymore. " My question to him was "WHY?"
    People used to go to the mourner's Bench and find REAL SALVATION. They stayed on their knees whether at church or at home and sought the Lord till true conversion came. These people were Born Again and had a testimony they had received the promised Holy Spirit which gives absolute assurance. Now people are talked into "Accepting Jesus", and "Making A "Decision for Christ." Decision is not conversion. Jesus said "Except A Man Be Born Again, He Cannot See The Kingdom of God." This is most serious. If your church doesn't have one, tell your pastor and deacons, "we need a mourner's bench," and stop this mental decision stupidity that is victimizing our children and giving innocent people a false hope. "Heartfelt Salvation", you had better have it, or you have nothing.
    Get the NEW, FREE book, "Heartfelt Salvation to learn more, and recall the truth about real conversion. Gary Bewley

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"HEARTFELT SALVATION," by Gary Bewley IS NOW AVAILABLE, features Henry Clay Morrison

    "HEARTFELT SALVATION", my new book, is now available and it is absolutely FREE. This is a ministry the Lord has directed me to do, and has been in the works for over a year. The book is a fresh, common sense approach concerning scripture and testimony dealing with the true workings of God's Holy Spirit who provides the absolute assurance of eternal life. "Heartfelt Salvation," and "The Old Time Religion" has been harshly ridiculed by many modern day churches, and the day ...seems fast approaching when it will be much more difficult to find churches who will preach the truth about true spiritual salvation. The confusion, misinterpretation, and deception is so great. I pray these reflections on God's word and the genuine testimonies of God's saints will forever instill in your hearts and minds, that Spiritual heartfelt salvation is real, and the only way to be reborn and enter the Lord's heavenly home. The book is soft cover, 43 pages and a wonderful witnessing tool for those who wish to help share heartfelt salvation with others. Also available is a six page pamphlet (condensed version of the book) which serves as a great witnessing tool. This subject is most serious and most important. Send for your free book or pamphlet today, and please pray for this effort. God Bless. Gary Bewley , Write Gary Bewley 2731 Tompkinsville Rd. Glasgow, Ky. 42141, or email