Monday, April 4, 2016

Our most recent Contributions for the Morrison Park Tabernacle.

A special "thank you" to our most recent contributors for the Morrison Park Tabernacle. Nancy Richey, Dillard and Mary Rigsby, Dale Copas and family, Bruce Powell family, and many others at the Easter Sunrise Service at Morrison Park, Gale Renner, and Gethsemane Baptist Church. God bless these wonderful people and all the ones listed below.
Nell Doris Stewart (Elizabethtown)
Gale Renner (Batavia IL.)
Joyce and Billy Wray
W.S. Everett
John Robert Miller
Roger and Kathy Lee (Springfield IL.)
Ritchey (Jr.) and Virginia Anderson
Ralph and Virginia Minard ( St. Charles, IL.)
Lou Jackson (Louisville, KY.)
Gale Renner (Batavia IL.)
Jay P. and Aileen Weber (Batavia IL.)
Gale E. Renner (Batavia IL.)
James and Elsa Knott (Tucson AR.)
Scott Queen, State Farm Insurance Co. (Batavia IL.)
Gale Renner (Batavia IL.)
Fredrica Weber (West Hollywood CA.)
Charles David Smith
Harold Kelly
Patricia Kelly
Bruce and Joyce Richey
Karyl J. George ( Hayward CA.)
Sharon D. Zamp ( Saint Charles, IL.)
Gale E. Renner ( Batavia IL.)
Jerry D. and Peg Burgett ( Beardstown, IL.)
Boyd's Creek Methodist Church
Rhonda Thomerson (Columbia, Ky.)
Lanny Whitlow
Bruce and Joyce Richey
Robert L. Knott (Bellevue NE.)
Dannie R. Daniels (Louisville KY.)
Bob and Donna Rich
Gale E. Renner (Batavia IL.)
Siloam Baptist Church
Temple Hill Baptist Church
Martha and Stephen Jones
Geraldine Dennison
Lou Jackson (Louisville KY.)
Ada Christy
Wandaline McCoy
Debbie Powell
Bro. Dale and Liz Copas
Dover Baptist Church (Etoile)
James and Olene Richey
Howard Perkins
Mike Hudspeth
Bro. Timothy and Michelle Shirley
Bro. Billy and Mable Moran
Elizabeth Bruner ( Louisville KY.)
Maxene Underwood
Eugene R. Hack (Louisville KY.)
Gerald Dean and Patricia Taylor
Col.Carroll and Ann Bewley (Tallahassee FL.)
Danny Simmons
William Earl and Nell Bowles
Virginia Houchens
Rollin and Shirley Bacon
Bethal Methodist Church (Hwy 90 Glasgow)
Gary Bewley
Gina Lyon
Joey Crews
Other contributions to Morrison Park since Dec, 2014,
Barren River Rod and Gun Club
Carl and Mary Lou Jackson (numerous donations)
Al Sharber (Louisville , KY.)
Joseph and Beverly Smallwood (Salem IN.)
Eugene R. Hack (Louisville KY.)
Steven and Katherine Jackson (Nashville TN.)
Thomas and Kathy Hassee (Norwalk OH.)
Cheryl L. Goddard (Louisville KY.)
Kristy Brawand (Clarksville IN.)
Golden Oldies (Temple Hill KY.)
Maxene Underwood
Marshall and Mary Wagoner
Also, Ricky Spillman for special help and donation concerning dozer work at the Park.
Tony Clemmons , labor, and various materials, (electrical Work)
Lowe's, (discount on many items during the electrical work.)
Buck Riddle, (carpentry work at the park)
Bob and Edie Bell ( providing and caring for the beautiful flowers on the grounds.)
Matt Mutter, Roger Gentry and The Barren County Correctional Center Work Program, for mowing the park.
So many others have given to Morrison Park, whom we have previously thanked. But we want to again say "Thank You ', to everyone that has helped in every way. God Bless You All, and please never stop helping us , and praying for the success of the Park. Love to All, Gary Bewley
Send your contribution to
Gary Bewley
Morrison Park Camp-Meeting Association Inc.
2731 Tompkinsville Rd.
Glasgow, Kentucky 42141

Monday, March 28, 2016

Bro. Dale Copas preached the Easter Sunrise Service at Morrison Park

    Bro. Dale Copas preached the Easter Sunrise sermon at Morrison Park Sunday morning. Bro. Copas gave a most memorable message about the risen Savior and His saving grace. I have not heard any minister proclaim God's word with any greater power and spiritualness, than that which I witnessed Sunday morning.The Lord was truly with us and I think all were blessed. Three hundred dollars was given by those in attendance Easter morning, for the rebuilding of the tabernacle. Bro. Dillard and Mary Rigsby gave $100.00, Bro. Copas took no money, and gave all his offerings to the Park. Everyone in attendance I think gave something. God bless Bro. Copas and each one who came and gave. What a blessed morning we had. Praise the Lord! Gary Bewley

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Good Friday at Morrison Park.

Morrison Park had a good Friday, with a lot of great helpers. Ricky Spillman provided gravel for our driveway, and a wonderful group of young college students from Chicago Il. came and worked all evening cleaning an illegal dump site that exist at rear of the park. These young peole completely filled a dumpster. It is incrediable to conceive how some people could be so disrespectful and unconcerned that they would throw mountains of trash on someone elses property, but even m...ore incrediable is to know, that a group of students would spend their spring break, to come to our county, to help clean us up. Peggy Nims worked with these students, and John Stephens brought us a county dumpster and arranged their coming.

 Thanks to everyone for their help, but especially for these young students who worked in our area all month doing tremendous work. God Bless You All, Gary Bewley

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Gethsemane Baptist Church makes a wonderful donation to Morrison Park Tabernacle Fund

    God Bless the dear people of Gethsemane Baptist Church for a marvelous, most generous donation, to the Morrison Park Tabernacle Fund. We are so thankful for such wonderful, giving people, and their Pastor Bro. Paul Davidson. Thank You so very much. Much love, Gary Bewley, Morrison Park

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Contributions this week to Morrison Park Tabernacle Fund

What more can we say? People are still giving and doing all they can to build something nice for the Lord. We are now seeking out to builders, and checking prices. We will soon make the decision on just what we can build. Please pray for this effort. God Bless you all.