Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Special 5th Sunday Service, this Sunday at Morrison Park

There will be a special 5th Sunday service, this Sunday at 11 a.m. at Morrison Park. I would appreciate anyone who would come. Gary Bewley

Monday, April 24, 2017

Gary Bewley Guest Speaker at New Monument Dedication for Henry Clay Morrison

Morrison Park President Gary Bewley addresses the congregation at the Morrison dedication.

Henry Clay Morrison was honored with a new monument in the city of his birth, Bedford, (Trimble Co.) Ky. When Morrison was two weeks old, his mother attended Hickory Grove Methodist Church and came back home leaping for joy. She told her neighbor how she gave her young son to the Lord to preach the gospel, and she just knew the Lord answered her prayer. Morrison of coarse went on to become one of the greatest and best known ministers in American religious history. The ceremony took place yesterday, Sunday April 23, 2017 at Hickory Grove Methodist Church. The program included the Reverend Owen Dolin, District Superintendent,  David Taylor, Editor: Trimble Banner, and The Reverend Stuart Smith, from Asbury University. I was very honored to be asked to take part in the ceremony as well. It was a beautiful program dedicated to Morrison and the great accomplishments in his life. The new Morrison monument was most appropriate. Thanks to Ms. Hilda Parrish and all the members of the Trimble County Historical Society, for honoring Henry Clay Morrison in such a special way.            Gary Bewley

                                           Hilda Parrish, Gary Bewley and Rev.Stuart Smith

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New granite marker at Hickory Grove United Methodist Church in Trimble County, honors Henry Clay Morrison

Trimble native, Asbury Seminary founder H.C. Morrison subject 

of upcoming local events

The Trimble Banner
Trimble County native, Dr. Henry Clay Morrison, was born March 10, 1857 and died March 24, 1942. 

His father,  James Morrison married a widow, Emily Durham English of Danville, and they moved to Westport with her 
daughter, also named Emily. They moved to Trimble County and lived in a “fine old brick house just outside corporate 
Bedford on Tilton Turnpike,” he wrote in his autobiography. Through research this is believed to be Cutshaw Lane, the 
house located on the Morgan property, later owned by C.M. Cutshaw.
His mother attended the quarterly meeting at Hickory Grove Methodist Church when he was two weeks old and after a 
touching Sunday sermon, she came home and told Mrs. Morgan she had given her son to the Lord to follow in His 
footsteps and to witness for Him. She died when Henry Clay was two and his step-sister was four years of age. Their father 
took them back to Barren County to reside with his father, William and his sister, Aunt Lizzie. He did not see his father 
again until he was four years of age. His father died when Henry Clay was five years old.
His grandparents were very devout and he continued to grow in his faith and at 21 years of age he was ordained and began 
many years of ministry.
Later he was asked to be president of Asbury College in Wilmore, as it was in the red and headed for closure. He accepted 

the challenge and got it back into financial stability. Serving two terms as president, he founded the Asbury Theological 
Trimble County Historical Society partnering with Hickory Grove United Methodist Church will honor Morrison by 

placing a granite marker in the flower garden at the church on Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. April 23. All are invited to attend.
Dave Taylor, editor of The Trimble Banner, will speak on Dr. Morrison at the Trimble County Historical Society meeting 

Saturday, April 15 at 1 p.m., at Morgan Community Center. The late Rev. Henry Taylor, Dave’s father and a beloved
 minister in this area, was acquainted with Dr. Morrison and Dave grew up with many stories of him
The Trimble County Historical Society and
Hickory Grove United Methodist Church
Invite you to the:

Dedication for Henry Clay Morrison
At Hickory Grove United Methodist Church
Hickory Grove (Morton Ridge) Road
Bedford, KY 40006
Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.
Short program with guest speakers and unveiling of monument
Refreshments after.
Hilda Parrish President
Trimble County Historical Society
Hickory Grove United Methodist Church

                                                                          Rev. Henry Clay Morrison

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Morning Sunrise Service at Morrison Park

    Wonderful Easter Sunrise Service at Morrison Park. Many gathered at 6 a.m. Easter morning for the Morrison Park sunrise service. Bro. Dale Copas brought a great and powerful message filled with the Spirit of God. Debbie and Tim Sherfey also performed special music for the service and did a splendid job. Bro. Dale will be one of the guest evangelist at next months revival service, and Debbie and Tim have also promised to come back and perform for us. Thanks to everyone who came. One particular highlight of the service was a dear soul, who testified, she wanted to come back to Morrison Park, the place where she was saved. 
     Bro. Copas, Bro. Ronnie Wood, and Bro. Jason Wheeley all gave testimonies of their salvation. The testimonies all witnessed of a Godly conviction, and a joyful heartfelt conversion. True Heartfelt Salvation.Praise the Lord! Gary Bewley

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Easter Sunrise Service at Morrison Park 2017

Please make plans to attend the Easter Sunrise service at Morrison Park , Easter morning, April 16, at 6 a.m. Bro. Dale Copas will be returning this year to conduct the preaching service. There will be special music by Tim and Debbie Sherfey. The services will be (temperature permitting) in the Carl Jackson Memorial Tabernacle. There will be refreshments served after the service in the Morrison Library cabin. The Park is located on Hwy 63. (Tompkinsville Rd.)  about 5 miles south of Glasgow, Kentucky, at the intersection of Bristletown Rd. Everyone please come and help us worship, pray and celebrate our risen Savior. For more information ph. 270-834-9553

Monday, April 3, 2017

Morrison Park Revival 2017, Glasgow, Kentucky is set.

Thanks to Brother Wayne Strode who has orchestrated everything for me, the revival for Morrison Park is taking shape. Please mark your calendars. Tell others. Please plan to attend. Last years revival was so spiritual, and wonderful, but we need you too.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Henry Clay Morrison 160th Birthday Celebration

In May of 1937, eighty year old Morrison, accompanied by his daughter, Helen, came home to Bedford Kentucky, to visit the old home where he was born. An article in the Trimble Democrat Paper, (June 3, 1937) recorded this account.
Dr. H.C. Morrison And His Daughter Visit Birthplace.
About ten days ago, Dr. H.C. Morrison of Louisville, a most eminent minister of the Southern Methodist Church, editor of the Pentecostal Herald, and President of... Wilmore College, in company with his daughter, Helen, came to Bedford to visit his birth place, now owned by Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Cutshaw and daughters. He entered the dining room, the room in which he was born, and turned to Helen and said, "Helen, in here, right over in that corner, is the place your father first saw the light. When I was a few weeks old my mother left me in here in the care of a Mrs. Morgan while she went to Hickory Grove church. When she returned she picked me up in her arms and danced around the room shouting, "I gave my little Henry to the Lord today to preach the gospel, and I believe He accepted my gift." She has been gone many years and here I am the answer to her prayer."
He then asked to see the big living room of which he had heard his grandmother speak. As he entered that room he remarked that it was large enough to hold a protracted meeting. Before leaving the house he offered a prayer for the happiness and material success for those living within the sacred walls of the old home; for the people of Bedford and of Tremble County, KY. He then hurried on his way, pausing only long enough to pay tribute to an old rock in the front yard and a few of the old trees and vines which have been there so long. Dr. Morrison was eighty years old on March 10, 1937, and is still preaching the gospel, both in the pulpit and over the radio.