Monday, September 22, 2014

Memorial Donation to Morrison Park in Memory of George Delma Christy

A donation to Morrison Park restoration was made in the name of George Delma Christy. George was a truck driver and a wonderful neighbor of mine for over 37 years. He will be deeply missed, especially by his dear wife Ada who survives. We extend our prayers and our sympathy to the George Christy family, and  I am honored to be part of this memorial. Sincerely, Gary Bewley

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Morrison Park Memorials in Memory of REV. J.L. PIERCY

Two memorials have been made in memory of Rev. Jehu  (J.L.) Piercy.  Rev. Piercy was a celebrated Methodist Minister and had great ties to the Morrison Park Holiness Camp Meeting. Piercy was converted during the very first camp meeting service in 1900 in the midst of a great thunderstorm and under a powerful sermon by Rev. H.C. Morrison.  Piercy went on to become a prominent, and most respected Methodist minister. In 1909, because of his abilities and his deep friendship with Rev. Morrison he was asked to accompany him on his World Wide Tour of Evangelism. Morrison and Piercy made an arduous, but victorious three month journey through countries, including China, India, Bombay, Korea, and Japan. Rev. Piercy pastored several churches during his lifetime which included, Glasgow Methodist Church, and was always an active evangelist. Reverend Piercy was also the featured evangelist at Morrison Park for many years. Piercy loved to attend the park and eventually built his own lodging cabin for he and his wife to enjoy for the two week annual camp meeting services.The restoration of the Piercy Cabin was one of the first projects to be undertaken in the Morrison Park restoration. Because Piercy was from Glasgow, many of his descendants and close relatives still live and are close by. Much needed donations and generous acts of  kindness have come from his family without whose help the restoration of the Park would not be possible. Carl and Mary Lou Jackson from Louisville have to date donated $3,960.00 to the Morrison Park restoration. Their son Steve Jackson from Nashville, recently made a donation of $1,000.00 dollars as well in memory of Rev. Piercy. We are so thankful for the great support they have shown to this effort, and the enormous trust they have placed upon us as we prayerfully continue the work of restoration. Another relative Rob Barbour has contributed and has been diligently working at the Park grounds, doing a tremendous job. Omar Barbour , a nephew has also been helpful in many ways and provided a lot of informative history on the Piercy family as well as providing copies of the letters Rev. Piercy wrote back home during his world tour in 1909.
   Thanks to these wonderful people, Rev. J. L. Piercy is still living and alive at Morrison Park. The faithful dedicated work Rev. Piercy performed during his lifetime, has prompted his family members to be faithful and dedicated as well to what was important to him. What a beautiful legacy to have, and what a beautiful thing to share. God bless all the Piercy family for all they have done. Lord willing,  the work and generosity of the Peircy family will live on through the generations. We pray, and are thankful Morrison Park can be a part of that legacy God Bless you all. We love you. Gary Bewley

Rev. Piercy ( front row,second from right) and a group pictured during the early 1940's at Morrison Park. Rev. Andrews is left of Piercy, and Andrew's son to his right. Can anyone idenify the others?
Rev. Piercy and his wife Tippie Dougherty Piercy around 1909, the time he traveled with H.C. Morrison around the world.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


The dedication ceremony for the new Henry Clay Morrison / Morrison Park Highway Historical marker was held Saturday May 24, at 10 a.m. A crowd of about 60 people gathered on the hillside of the old camp meeting grounds, founded by Henry Clay Morrison in 1900 to be part of the dedication. It was a very exciting time to see the old camp meeting grounds alive again with activity and many prayers of thanks. The day was glorious. The park's beauty was at it's best. Bob and Edie Bell had the park decorated with wonderful flowers that were just breath taking. A large portion of the park had been mowed the day before by the Barren County Correctional center inmate work program under the direction of deputy Roger Gentry and Jailer, Matt Mutter. Another large portion of the park was mowed by Buck Riddle. Nancy Richey spent the day on Friday cleaning the cabins along with many other chores. Everyone did their best to make the park at it's very best. We were so thankful for everyone who attended. The greatest honor came when several of Henry Clay Morrison's great grandchildren arrived for the dedication.
   Nancy Richey, Secretary/Treasurer, of the Morrison Park Camp meeting Association , and WKU Associate Professor, began the ceremony with a welcome and this wonderful address,
   Henry Clay Morrison considered this spot a sacred place and consecrated it for the spread of the Gospel and the Holiness message. It is a testament in many ways. A testament defined is something that serves as a sign or evidence of a specified fact, event, or quality. This place remains a testament to the fact of Morrison's legacy and to the many life changing events that took place on this hill. It is also evidence of how one person's love and dreams of the salvation of not only souls but of a history can come true. I passed this place many times as a child and my father noted to me its history. But, I did not have a personal connection to it. Gary Bewley, however, from childhood heard about this place and its founder from his grandmother, Mary Mae Bewley and her love and reverence for this place was passed to him. These words, her dreams became his dreams and hopes. He could not let this place die and so dreams became deeds. So, in essence, the restoration, though only clearly visible to others in the last three years, began with the nailing downs of a few sheets of rusty,roof metal. If not for this act, that deed, this place would have probably gone the way of so many other historical sites in our state. By placing this marker, we want this place to be and remain a sacred place, a testament to a timeless truth. It's history is part of this county and a part of who we are. It is a landmark for this county and the Bible asks that we "remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set." To lose sacred and historical places, is to lose the memory of who we were. I will paraphrase William Morris who wrote that "old buildings, [old places] do not belong to us only, they belong to our forefathers and our mothers, and I will add grandmothers, and they belong to our descendants unless we play them false. They are not in any sense our own property to do with as we would like with them. We are only trustees for those that came after us."
    WKU Associate Professor, Nancy Richey addresses those gathered at the Morrison Marker dedication.

   Becky Riddle , Coordinator of the Kentucky Historical Marker Program from Frankfort, Kentucky was at the dedication and also addressed the gathering. Sandra Gorin, President of the South Central Kentucky Historical and Genealogical Society, (the society which paid the costs of the marker) was on hand to share her feelings, and why the society felt the need for the placement of the marker. Morrison Park President, Gary Bewley addressed the crowd, thanking all the many people who had done so much to reconstruct the park, and shared his vision for its complete restoration in the coming months and years. Board members, Marshall Bailey and Phillip Pursley also addressed the crowd, sharing many memories and stories related to the history of the park. After the unveiling of the marker the crowd reassembled. Morrison's grandchildren addressed the gathering and shared their heartfelt appreciation for the all the work that had been done to restore the park. The ceremony ended with an invocation by Bro. Mike Pagett, Pastor of Glasgow Bible Church. It was a beautiful day and the spirit of the Lord was strong and ever present in all that took place.
If you are interested in helping or learning more about  the restoration of Morrison Park Holiness Camp meeting, contact Gary Bewley 2731 Tompkinsville Rd. Glasgow, Ky. 42141  Ph. 270-834-9553
       Kentucky Historical Highway Marker #2417 on KY state highway 63 near Glasgow, honoring Henry Clay Morrison and the Holiness Camp Meeting site he founded here in 1900 in Barren County Kentucky.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The dedication and ceremony for the new Henry Clay Morrison Kentucky Historical Marker will be Saturday May 24, 2014, at 10 a.m. on Hwy 63 about five miles south of Glasgow Kentucky. The marker will honor Morrison who came to Barren County at the age of two and grew up across from the old Holiness campmeeting ground he founded in 1900 on his grandfather's farm. Morrison went on to become one of the nation's premier ministers and accomplished so much for the Lord,  here in Kentucky and around the world. The old campmeeting grounds has been under restoration for the last four years, and is still in the process of being restored. Please join us for this special event. Several of Morrison's great grandchildren are planning to attend from great distances. What a pleasure and thrill it will be for us to meet them, and for the them to visit the community where God saved and raised up one of the greatest ministers to ever proclaim his great truth. There will be refreshments and much fellowship following the ceremony in the Morrison Memorial Library cabin. A trip to the old Morrison/Hammer cemetery where many of Morrison's ancestors and family are buried is also planned for later in the day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Wonderful Easter Morning at Morrison Park

A group of about fifty people gathered at the Old Morrison Park Camp Meeting site near Glasgow Kentucky to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord in an outside worship service. The group gathered at 6 a.m. and was treated to a beautiful sunrise and a glorious Easter morning. After the service, many gathered together for fellowship and refreshments in the Morrison Library cabin. It was a beautiful, wonderful morning, and we are thankful to all who attended.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter Sunrise Service at Morrison Park

Everyone who can please join us for a sun rise service at Morrison Park on Easter Morning Sun April 20, 2014. Bring a yard chair and a blanket (if needed). We will meet at 6 a.m. In case of inclement weather we will meet in the Morrison Memorial Library cabin. Please be prayerful for the service. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Morrison Park Memorials

   Barren River Rod and Gun Club Inc. recently made a $100.00 donation to Morrison Park in memory of one of it's founder's, Mr. Jesse Thompson. Morrison Park is very thankful to accept this donation in memory of Mr. Thompson, and we will record his name in our Memorial Book, to be kept at Morrison Park, Morrison Library as a memorial to Mr. Thompson.
   Other memorial donations include,
$100.00 in memory of George Delma Christy, Sept. 2014 by Gary Bewley and Mrs. George Christy.
Carl and Mary Lou Jackson have given to date nearly $4,000.00 and asked it be in honor of his uncle, Rev. J.L. Piercy, 2012 thru July 2014
$1,000.00 in memory of J.L. Piercy from Mr.Steve Jackson July 2014
$50.00 in memory of Grace Curd, made by Dillard and Mary Rigsby,  July 2014
$50.00 in memory of Brents and Rebecca Richardson, made by Dillard and Mary Rigsby, July 2014
$50.00 in memory of Frances Smith, made by Marshall Bailey.
$100.00 in memory of Kathehn Bell and James Simpson, made by Barren River Rod and Gun Club.
$100.00 in memory of Pat Riddle, made by Temple Hill Golden Oldies.
$100.00 in memory of George White, made by Temple Hill Golden Oldies.
   Anyone wishing to make a memorial donation in someone's memory may contact, Morrison Park Camp Association, c/o Gary Bewley 2731 Tompkinsville Rd. Glasgow, Ky. 42141