Thursday, May 21, 2015

Morrison Park, Boyhood Home of Rev.Henry Clay Morrison

Morrison Park Holiness Camp-Meeting, was established by Bro.Morrison in 1900, on the site of his boyhood home. Morrison came to Barren County at age two in 1859, and lived here until his teen age years. The painting of young Morrison (above) is part of a new project, an upcoming book. The book will be a colorful re-telling of Morrison's young life here in Barren County, and how the Lord used him for His glory. The book will serve as a fundraising tool, to help provide the costs of erecting a new tabernacle on the Morrison Park Camp-Meeting grounds, The plans are to build the new tabernacle in the same spot where Morrison and other great ministers preached over the years. The Book is planned for publication in November 2015.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Electrical Work continues at Morrison Park

Electrical work continues at Morrison Park. Tony Clemmons and his son are putting in the service. It is a lot of hard work on their part, but they are doing a great job. Ricky Spillman did the back hoe work. We will soon have lights in the Morrison Cabin, and the restroom building. This new service will also allow so many things to be added at a later time when needed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Electrical Work at Morrison Park

Restoration work is continuing at Morrison Park, to provide much needed electric service.  This service will provide electricity to the Morrison Library Cabin as well as the restroom facility. The work being done will also provide service for future projects such as a new tabernacle, and more outdoor lighting. With adequate weather the first phase of this work should be done within a few weeks. We are very excited to be moving forward with the restoration as we have promised, and  are very excited and grateful these things can be done. Thanks again to all those who have contributed to this project. We still need your support and value your prayers. God Bless, Gary Bewley

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Service at Morrison Park

An Easter Morning Sunrise Service was held this morning at Morrison Park Holiness Camp Meeting. Bro Eric Guffey, (pictured above) Pastor of Grider Memorial Church conducted the services. There was a good gathering, despite the cool temperatures. The services were held in the H.C. Morrison Memorial Library Cabin. Brother Guffey preached about  the resurrection, and about knowing Jesus as a true savior and friend. Brother Guffey did an outstanding job, with a Godly message full of Spirit and Truth It was enjoyed by all .
                                           Some of those who gathered are pictured here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Photo of James Morrison, father of Henry Clay Morrison

We are very excited! Nancy Richey just discovered a photo someone placed on Ancestry, purported  to be the photo of James Morrison, the father of Henry Clay Morrison. The photo seems to be period, and to bear a convincing resemblance to the son. James Morrison died around 1861, leaving young Henry Clay, an orphan at the age of four. Morrison was raised in his grandfather's home across the road from present day Morrison Park Holiness Camp Meeting grounds near Glasgow Kentucky. We are very excited to see this long sought after photo.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Heartfelt Salvation, including Henry Clay Morrison, now on line to read and share.

Heartfelt Salvation, The True Salvation, is a fresh and candid look at scripture and testimonies that teach the truth about what Salvation really is. Heartfelt Salvation reminds us of the heavenly promises, assurances and joys from the Spirit of God, clearly shed upon those that belong to Him. This book also takes a hard, and critical look at the practices and deceptions that have longed plagued Christian Churches, that sadly, we believe have led many a trusting soul to eternal doom. Rev. Henry Clay Morrison is prominently featured in the book, with much credence given to his conversion, and testimony, which bears witness to all scriptural truth. Heartfelt Salvation rallies other Christians and true believing Churches to stand up and be heard against the false practices and deceptive teachings, so prominent in the world today.
A proof copy is now on line, and can be accessed at
or  at

Monday, January 26, 2015

Morrison Park Memorial Donations in Memory of Carl Kenneth Jackson

         Morrison Park has received eight wonderful donations in memory of Mr.Carl Kenneth Jackson. They are as follows.
    From Steven L. and Katherine L. Jackson $1,000.00
    From Al Sharber $75.00
    From Eugene R. Hack $75.00
    From Joseph E. and Beverly Smallwood $50.00...
    From Thomas and Kathy Hassee $100.00
    From Cheryl Goddard $20.00
    From Kristy Brawand $25.00
    From Lou Jackson $20.00
         We are so very thankful for these wonderful donations in memory of Mr. Jackson. Every cent of these funds will go directly toward the restoration of the Morrison Park Holiness Camp Meeting in Glasgow, Kentucky. A Memorial page for each donation will be placed in the Memorial Album at the Morrison Library. Carl Jackson was a most faithful and generous supporter of the restoration efforts at the park. It is our plans to especially honor Mr.Jackson when the new tabernacle is constructed. Thanks again for all the support. Sincerely, Gary Bewley