Monday, June 26, 2017

Revival at Morrison Park this weekend with Evangelist Rick Curry

East Main Methodist Church is sponsoring a weekend revival at Morrison Park, this weekend Fri. June 30- Sun. July 2. at 7 p.m.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bro. Billy Moran, declared by the Morrison Park congregation, " the greatest pulpit orator on the American Continent."

Stormy Camp Meeting. The most miserable night in weather, that we ever enjoyed occurred at Morrison Park Camp Meeting last night. The night began pretty tame. Bro. Dennis Devore sang several songs from about 6:30 - 7 . A most talented man. Then the heavy rains and wind began. The rain blew in, and there was a bit of scuffling about to get to the section of the tabernacle less affected by the storm. After a few songs and a prayer that included a request for a break in the weather, Bro. Moran began an unforgettable sermon. Bro. Moran had several guest traveling with him, and in his desire to get everyone on board, he forgot his bible. He borrowed one from Bro. Billy Neal Davis, but hardly needed it, for it seems the bulk of the scripture is embedded greatly in the mind of Bro. Moran. His sermon and delivery was unforgettable. When he was done, everyone was amazed, and so blessed. Several comments were overheard, that despite the weather, this was the best night for sure. The amazing thing was that despite the threat of storms, there was a well represented crowd of people attending. At the conclusion of the service, it was decided by all in attendance that Bro. Moran should carry on the title once bestowed upon Henry Clay Morrison, "the greatest pulpit orator on the American Continent." Those who did not come missed much. Thank the Lord for this marvelous unforgettable service.                Gary Bewley

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Morrison Park Camp Meeting Began Last night.

    Morrison Park Camp Meeting began last night. What a wonderful service it was. Bro. Billy Neal Davis preached a great message, and shared his glorious testimony of salvation. There were many testimonies from the congregation and the Holy Spirit was strong in our hearts. There was great music by Bro. Wayne Strode and Sister Evelyne Hagan. If you were not there, you missed so much. Below, Evelyne Hagan welcomes Bro. Timothy Shirley's son to the service. Come join us tonight. Bro. Timothy Shirley will bring the message, and Bro. Tim, and Sister Debbie Sherfey will do some special music.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Morrison Park Camp Meeting Revival 2017 Evangelists

Bro. Billy Neal Davis. A favorite preacher of so many people. Bro. Davis has a down- home, folksy style delivery that draws at your heart and makes you want to hear more. Whether sharing a personal testimony of some Christian experience or expounding  upon the Holy Scripture, you never grow tired of his message. I still recall from many years past, great points of interest I heard in his sermons. Very few preachers  have had that effect on me. I am so excited to be able to hear him Tuesday night. I hope you will be excited too.  Please come join us and hear Bro. Davis on Tuesday night, May 23, 
7 p.m.

Bro. Timothy Shirley. I guess I have heard more sermons from this minister than any other in my lifetime. He was my pastor at two different churches over the span of several years. If he was not a marvelous preacher, I would have not wasted my time listening. But, no service where he preached, was ever wasted.  One thing that can always be said of Bro. Shirley, "he delivers."  I never saw Him visually, but I have always known, that the Good Lord and Savior was always standing very close to Bro. Shirley in the pulpit. When Bro. Shirley preaches, the Holy Spirit is always free, joyfully infecting  all who are willing to acknowledge the great power. If the Lord is convicting a lost soul in the course of the service, Bro. Shirley's preaching  has the Godly power, to make the altar a most desirable place. You must not fail to hear him Wednesday night. If you are lost, or have lost friends and family, they need to hear Bro. Shirley's message.                     
Bro. Mitchell Glasscock. Pastor of  Mt Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church in Alvaton Ky., Bro. Glasscock came highly recommended to Morrison Park.  A most dedicated minister with the friendliest of Christian character.  We are so excited Bro. Glasscock accepted the invitation to preach at Morrison Park Thursday night. His sermon will be met with  the highest level of anticipation. Simply, I can't wait to hear him preach,Thursday night.  Please come and join us

Bro. Billy Moran. I never got to witness Rev. H.C. Morrison preach. He died in 1942. But, I know I have been blessed to hear Bro. Billy Moran.  When he preaches you know you are witnessing greatness. Bro. Moran can take the most complex sermon, and handle it with the greatest of skill and ease, leaving one to think and ask, "how did he do that?"  A true professional of the ministry, and one of the most respected and admired preachers we have today.  It is a thrill and honor to have him at Morrison Park. I pray you will come and hear him Saturday night. You could not be disappointed.                                                                                                  

 I (Bro. Gary Bewley), Lord willing, will bring the message Friday night. I would be grateful and honored if you could come and support this service.          

Bro. Dale Copas.  A wonderful Christian man, who, I believe, lives the life and walks the walk of Christianity, as close as any man I know. Bro. Dale has preached for us three times so far at Morrison Park, and each sermon has been most memorable. No man will praise his heavenly Father any greater, and no man will prayerfully try harder to point you to the one who can take care of every spiritual need you could ever have. Through his sermon, Bro. Copas will take you on a sacred journey, and when done, you will know, you have been with the Savior, or else, you will know you truly need a Savior.  Bro. Copas wraps up our scheduled revival Sunday night. Please don't fail to attend this important service.   The Sunday night service will begin at 6 p.m.  

           Bro. Wayne Strode will lead and conduct the singing service each night.
Special music includes,
               Fri. night, Bro. Robbie Jones, Guitarist
               Sat. night, Bro. Dennis Devore, vocalist
               Sun. night Bro. Timothy and sister Debbie Sherfey, Guitar and vocals.
 Revival services will begin May 23 through May 28, 2017, at 7 p.m. The Sunday night service (May 28) will begin at 6 p.m. Everyone please come, encourage the lost, and please be prayerful for our efforts. God Bless You.  Bro.Gary Bewley
 For more information, contact Bro. Gary Bewley 270- 834-9553         

Monday, May 8, 2017

Johnson's Chapel, where Henry Clay Morrison preached his first sermon ca.1878

This is how Professor Nancy Richey and me spend our Sunday afternoons, walking in the footsteps of  the great Henry Clay Morrison. In 1878, Morrison, recently licensed to preach was given his first assignment to travel from Perryville Ky. , over the knobs to Casey county, along the Rolling Fork River to preach his first sermon at Johnson's Chapel. He arrived the day before spending the night at the home of State Representative William Green Johnson, who built the church in mid 1800's. Morrison wrote, "Sabbath morning I went up in the field where there was a great rock covered with bushes and grapevines, and I prayed earnestly for help. I cannot remember positively what my text was, but I had Liberty, told my experience, exhorted the people. Everybody was in tears. I went to Brother Johnson's for dinner. Someone said "Everybody in our church wept while you preached and told your experience." Coming back, Morrison preached at Sycamore Methodist Church Sunday afternoon.
    Johnson's chapel has been gone since 1984, the insert shows where the church sat. 

 A wonderful neighbor and historian, Doris Purdom points out to us the exact location of Johnson's Chapel, just behind where she and Nancy Richey stand, off of Little South Rd. Hwy 243
      The home of Rep. William Green Johnson still stands on the banks of the river, 
    Sycamore Church ( now a Church of Christ ) still stands nearby on Forkland Rd. Hwy 37
                    State Representative William Green Johnson 1824 - 1890
                                                      Wife of William Green Johnson

                Another wonderful day, in the footsteps of Rev. Henry Clay Morrison. Gary Bewley 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Gary Bewley Guest Speaker at New Monument Dedication for Henry Clay Morrison

Morrison Park President Gary Bewley addresses the congregation at the Morrison dedication.

Henry Clay Morrison was honored with a new monument in the city of his birth, Bedford, (Trimble Co.) Ky. When Morrison was two weeks old, his mother attended Hickory Grove Methodist Church and came back home leaping for joy. She told her neighbor how she gave her young son to the Lord to preach the gospel, and she just knew the Lord answered her prayer. Morrison of coarse went on to become one of the greatest and best known ministers in American religious history. The ceremony took place yesterday, Sunday April 23, 2017 at Hickory Grove Methodist Church. The program included the Reverend Owen Dolin, District Superintendent,  David Taylor, Editor: Trimble Banner, and The Reverend Stuart Smith, from Asbury University. I was very honored to be asked to take part in the ceremony as well. It was a beautiful program dedicated to Morrison and the great accomplishments in his life. The new Morrison monument was most appropriate. Thanks to Ms. Hilda Parrish and all the members of the Trimble County Historical Society, for honoring Henry Clay Morrison in such a special way.            Gary Bewley

                                           Hilda Parrish, Gary Bewley and Rev.Stuart Smith

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New granite marker at Hickory Grove United Methodist Church in Trimble County, honors Henry Clay Morrison

Trimble native, Asbury Seminary founder H.C. Morrison subject 

of upcoming local events

The Trimble Banner
Trimble County native, Dr. Henry Clay Morrison, was born March 10, 1857 and died March 24, 1942. 

His father,  James Morrison married a widow, Emily Durham English of Danville, and they moved to Westport with her 
daughter, also named Emily. They moved to Trimble County and lived in a “fine old brick house just outside corporate 
Bedford on Tilton Turnpike,” he wrote in his autobiography. Through research this is believed to be Cutshaw Lane, the 
house located on the Morgan property, later owned by C.M. Cutshaw.
His mother attended the quarterly meeting at Hickory Grove Methodist Church when he was two weeks old and after a 
touching Sunday sermon, she came home and told Mrs. Morgan she had given her son to the Lord to follow in His 
footsteps and to witness for Him. She died when Henry Clay was two and his step-sister was four years of age. Their father 
took them back to Barren County to reside with his father, William and his sister, Aunt Lizzie. He did not see his father 
again until he was four years of age. His father died when Henry Clay was five years old.
His grandparents were very devout and he continued to grow in his faith and at 21 years of age he was ordained and began 
many years of ministry.
Later he was asked to be president of Asbury College in Wilmore, as it was in the red and headed for closure. He accepted 

the challenge and got it back into financial stability. Serving two terms as president, he founded the Asbury Theological 
Trimble County Historical Society partnering with Hickory Grove United Methodist Church will honor Morrison by 

placing a granite marker in the flower garden at the church on Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. April 23. All are invited to attend.
Dave Taylor, editor of The Trimble Banner, will speak on Dr. Morrison at the Trimble County Historical Society meeting 

Saturday, April 15 at 1 p.m., at Morgan Community Center. The late Rev. Henry Taylor, Dave’s father and a beloved
 minister in this area, was acquainted with Dr. Morrison and Dave grew up with many stories of him
The Trimble County Historical Society and
Hickory Grove United Methodist Church
Invite you to the:

Dedication for Henry Clay Morrison
At Hickory Grove United Methodist Church
Hickory Grove (Morton Ridge) Road
Bedford, KY 40006
Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.
Short program with guest speakers and unveiling of monument
Refreshments after.
Hilda Parrish President
Trimble County Historical Society
Hickory Grove United Methodist Church

                                                                          Rev. Henry Clay Morrison