Friday, August 19, 2016

Two new Memorials for Morrison Park, Louise D. Hensgen, and Joe Bailey

Patricia Slaughter donated $50.00 to Morrison Park in memory of Louise Dougherty Hensgen. Louise was related to Rev. J.L. Piercy's wife. She spoke to me about being at Morrison Park much, in her youth.Thank you Patrica for your wonderful donation. A memorial page for Louise will be entered in the memorial book, at the Morrison Park Library cabin.
A donation of $100.00 was made to Morrison Park in Memory of Joe Bailey, by Harold and Anne Matthews. Thank you for the wonderful donation. A memorial page for Joe will be placed in the memorial book, at the Morrison Library Cabin.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Donation of a Cross to Morrison Park, by Chris Walker and Two Brothers Construction

    Chris Walker (left), and Zack Folden with the cross they made and donated to Morrison Park. It is such a beautiful cross, made with great detail and craftsmanship. It has lights inside that can change color and intensity. There is no way to put a price on such a marvelous gift. It has appropriately been named the crown Jewell of the tabernacle. We can never thank you enough for everything you have done.

Sponsor a bench at Morrison Park

Okay! Here I am begging again. The Morrison Park Tabernacle is almost done. One of the last projects is the construction of the Benches. Chris Walker, of Two Brothers Construction, has freely and generously offered to make the benches for us. The one pictured is one he made and donated from material we had left. It is about 4 ft. long. We will be needing several 14 ft. benches, and then several of various other sizes depending on the selected spot. If anyone would like to spo...nsor a bench, a memorial plate, or a plate to honor someone could be placed on the bench. A 14 ft. bench would be $100.00, smaller ones would be some less, the idea is to cover the costs of material. Awards Inc. will be providing the plates. If anyone is interested, contact Gary Bewley 2731Tompkinsville Rd. Glasgow, Ky. 42141. 270-834-9553, or

Sunday, July 31, 2016

A memorial contribution to Morrison Park in memory of Delbert Birge.

A memorial donation of $100.00 has been made to Morrison Park in memory of our dear friend Delbert Birge. All memorials are printed and kept in a memorial book in the Morrison Library cabin.

Friday, July 29, 2016

An Angel of Morrison Park, Delbert Birge Has Died.

    I have only given this honorary title to very few, but without a doubt, Delbert Birge was an Angel of Morrison Park. Delbert came to help us, and he stayed. He did so much to rebuild the Piercy cabin,and so much work on the other structures. But, more than his work and skill, he brought his love and friendship. What a joy he was. He made hard work, fun. It was because he was there. We love you and mourn your passing. We will never forget what you did here. The family of Delbert is in our prayers.                                                                 Gary Bewley
    Buck Riddle, left, and Delbert on the right. Both worked so hard, for so many days, and neither took one cent. They did it for me, for the Lord and for all they believed the Lord was going to do at dear old Morrison Park. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Memorial Contribution to Morrison Park in memory of Louise D. Hensgen

A $25.00 donation was made to Morrison Park in memory of Louise Hensgen of Raleigh , N.C. by Lyman and Sally Dixon.Thank you for remembering Morrison Park with this memorial contribution to honor your loved one. God bless you. Gary Bewley

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Morrison Park Memorial in Memory of Joe Bailey

A $50.00 donation was made to Morrison Park Restoration in memory of Joe Bailey by Fendall and Marjorie Strode. We are so grateful for this contribution in Memory of Mr. Bailey. Joe's father and mother were great supporters of Morrison Park. His father Paul Bailey was saved here under Rev. Morrison's preaching, and took care of the grounds for many years. Joe's brother, Marshall is on the Board of directors for Morrison Park.