Thursday, December 15, 2016

New plaque by Awards Inc.honors Carl Jackson at Morrison Park.

A new plaque has been given to us by Award's Inc. (on the square in Glasgow), which honors Carl Jackson. The dedication of the Carl Jackson Tabernacle took place on Sept. 11, 2016, but the brass plaque to honor him was not yet prepared for the dedication. Awards Inc. has donated the plaque to Morrison Park and it will soon be permanently placed on the Tabernacle. Carl Jackson and his family were the largest contributors to the restoration of the park. Mr. Jackson's uncle, Rev. J.L. Piercy was a great friend of Dr. Morrison's , and went around the world with him in 1909 on an evangelism tour. See posts on this blog dated 1-27-2013 "J.L. Piercy remembered", and "J.L. Piercy cabin reconstructed", for more information. We are so thankful for the Carl Jackson family, and are so thankful to Awards Inc. for donating this wonderful brass plaque to honor and remember this special, and most generous man. Below is a biography of Carl Jackson written in by his son in honor of his father, recorded in the dedication program from September 11, 2016.
Carl Kenneth Jackson was born April 11, 1927 in Glasgow, KY to Ernest Harlow Jackson and Nannie May Piercy. Being the youngest of five children, family became an important part of his life at an early age as he lost his father when he was eight years old. His oldest brother, Joe Lee Jackson, became a surrogate father to him and he was supported to a great extent, by his other three siblings, Margaret, Thomas and Paul. He grew up on a farm on Glover Road, off the Burkesville Road, and use to walk to Vernon school on Vernon School Road, where he received his education. He was baptized in Falling Timber Creek and was a member of Bethel United Methodist Church.
He enlisted in the U. S. Army during World War II and served in both France and Germany. After his honorable discharge from the Army in 1949, he returned to Glasgow, KY, where he met Roberta Ann Moran. They were married on November 2, 1949 by his uncle, the Rev. J. L. Piercy (Jehu Louis), a protégé of the Rev. Henry Clay Morrison. They were married in his uncle’s house in Glasgow, KY, which he later bought from him in 1959. As a bonus, the house included his uncle’s extensive library of religious and other literary works. They had two children, Steven Lee and Margaret Ann. Tragedy struck his life again on August 11, 1965 when his wife was killed in a car accident.
Although Carl had no college education, his entrepreneurial spirit was well versed in business. His business career started in many places in Glasgow including, as co­-owner of J & F Furniture and later, as the operating manager of the Uptowner Hotel and Restaurant. After leaving Glasgow, he went to Elizabethtown, KY, where he managed the Holiday Inn and Restaurant off of I-65. He later retired from Lowe’s as the building products manager, after traveling with Lowe’s to Owensboro, KY, Nashville, TN, and San Marcos, TX.
Carl’s life also included many civic and political endeavors, including serving as a Glasgow city council member for two terms, where he was greatly admired and respected by the people he represented. His family also had a history of Masons, which he became one in his early career, and eventually became a Master of Allen Masonic Lodge #24. He always loved his association with the Masons.

In the end of the Rev. J. L .Piercy’s life, Carl was a dedicated caregiver and spent many hours with him at the Glasgow Community Hospital. One of his last road trips from his retirement home in Louisville, KY, before his death on January 13, 2015, was to Morrison Park. He was so proud of the wonderful work that had been done by the many volunteers and the lasting footprint that Morrison Park would have in Barren County. He would be so happy and proud today to have the Tabernacle dedicated to him. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Revival concludes at Morrison Park

    We had a great revival at Morrison Park Camp Meeting the last week of October. Many wonderful sermons, ministers, and guest. There was a wonderful presence and awareness of the Holy Spirit unlike you find in most services. God bless all who came and supported our efforts.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Bro. Timothy Shirley will preach Saturday night at Morrison Park

    Bro. Tim Shirley will be preaching Saturday night at Morrison Park Camp Meeting. Bro. Shirley has pastured several local churches in his long-time ministry and has been my Pastor for several years. There is no finer preacher of the gospel. He is a man full of the Holy Spirit, and it shows in his message. Bro. Shirley is shown below preaching the first sermon at Morrison Park a few years ago. He is pictured in the Morrison Library cabin. Come hear Bro. Shirley Saturday night as he preaches in our new tabernacle. Morrison Park is located on Hwy. 63 about 5 miles from Glasgow, Ky.

Bro. Billy Moran will preach Friday night at Morrison Park

    Friday night. Bro. Billy Moran, Pastor of New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church will preach at Morrison Park. Bro. Moran is one of the finest and most respected ministers you will ever hear. There will also be performances by The East Main Methodist Church Praise Band. Services begin at 6:30 p.m. Morrison Park is located on Hwy. 63 approx. 5 miles from Glasgow, Kentucky. Everyone is encouraged to please attend. It will be a special night. God Bless.

Come to Morrison Park Sunday morning, Oct. 30 for a message on Christian Holiness.

A MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE THE LORD WANTS YOU TO HEAR. "HOLINESS". This may seem strange coming from the chiefest of sinners, but the Lord has directed me to preach a message on Holiness,SUNDAY MORNING OCTOBER 30, 11 A.M.
This is a 5th Sunday. Many churches will not have services. May I ask you consider coming to Morrison Park. I believe you will be deeply touched and affected, but hopefully encouraged and blessed by His message. It is my opinion, every Christian who reads this should be here. I am assured it is the Lord's opinion, and I hope it will be your opinion too. I (Gary Bewley), the old sinful preacher will seek most dutifully to be obedient to His will. Please consider this prayerfully. I am not seeking to preach to you another religion, nor another gospel, such a man must be accursed, I will be preaching, what to many is an almost forgotten doctrine. Please be prayerful about this service. There is much to be gained, or much to be lost by your coming, or not coming. Hope to see there Sunday morning. There is room for all. Love, Gary Bewley
Morrison Park Holiness Camp Meeting is located on Hwy. 63 near Glasgow, Ky. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Revival now in progress at Morrison Park

    We have had two wonderful services at Morrison Park Revival, however; we have had LOW ATTENDANCE. We have worked very hard for six years to revive the park, but it is not revived if no one comes. It cannot survive if no one attends. We have labored, people have given, now we need you to come and support the services. This is your park. We need you. I promise you will be blessed. Bro. Chad Harston from Summer Shade Baptist Church will be here Tuesday night. The Revival will be goinig on thru Sunday Oct. 30th. 6:30 p.m. each night, Please come and worship with us. WE NEED YOU! Please also be prayerful for the services. With all love, Gary Bewley

Monday, October 3, 2016

Harvest of Souls Revival at Morrison Park Holiness Camp meeting Glasgow, Ky.

There will be a Community Revival at Morrison Park Camp Meeting, Oct. 23 thru Oct. 30, 2016.
Please make plans to come. Tell your family and friends, encourage the lost, bring your children. There will be wonderful ministers preaching the gospel in the Spirit and Truth. Each evening service starts at 6:30 p.m.
   Sunday night (23rd) Bro. Dale Copas,  
   Monday night, Bro. Johnny Bullington,
   Tuesday night, Bro Chad Harston,  
   Wednesday night, Bro Ken Thomas,  
   Thursday night Bro. Tim Saylors,    
   Friday night, Bro Billy Moran,  
   Saturday night, Bro Timothy Shirley,
   Sunday morning (30th) 11a.m. Bro. Gary Bewley,  
   Sunday night (30th), Bro. Berlin Roy.  
Morrison Park Camp Meeting is located on Hwy 63 (Tompkinsville Rd.) at the intersection of Bristletown Rd. approx. 5 miles south of Glasgow Kentucky. Please be prayerful for our efforts and for a successful revival. God Bless you all. Gary Bewley
 For more information you may call me at 270-834-9553