Tuesday, September 8, 2015


    "HEARTFELT SALVATION", my new book, is now available and it is absolutely FREE. This is a ministry the Lord has directed me to do, and has been in the works for over a year. The book is a fresh, common sense approach concerning scripture and testimony dealing with the true workings of God's Holy Spirit who provides the absolute assurance of eternal life. "Heartfelt Salvation," and "The Old Time Religion" has been harshly ridiculed by many modern day churches, and the day ...seems fast approaching when it will be much more difficult to find churches who will preach the truth about true spiritual salvation. The confusion, misinterpretation, and deception is so great. I pray these reflections on God's word and the genuine testimonies of God's saints will forever instill in your hearts and minds, that Spiritual heartfelt salvation is real, and the only way to be reborn and enter the Lord's heavenly home. The book is soft cover, 43 pages and a wonderful witnessing tool for those who wish to help share heartfelt salvation with others. Also available is a six page pamphlet (condensed version of the book) which serves as a great witnessing tool. This subject is most serious and most important. Send for your free book or pamphlet today, and please pray for this effort. God Bless. Gary Bewley , Write Gary Bewley 2731 Tompkinsville Rd. Glasgow, Ky. 42141, or email

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Time For A Tabernacle At Morrison Park

A Barren County Historical Landmark Needs Your Help!
               Morrison Park Holiness Camp-Meeting Site

The Morrison Park Holiness Camp-Meeting ground on Highway 63 near Glasgow has been under restoration for almost five years. The Camp-Meeting was established in 1900 by famed Methodist and Holiness preacher, Henry Clay Morrison (1857-1942). Morrison was a nationally known minister, preaching all over the country and various parts of the world. In addition to his preaching, Morrison edited and published a major religious publication and twice served as President of Asbury College in Wilmore, KY. In 1926, he founded the Asbury Theological Seminary and was once named one of the top twenty five ministers in America. William Jennings Bryan called Morrison “the greatest pulpit orator on the American Continent.” Morrison was brought to Barren County at age two and was raised by his grandparents here and saved in near-by Boyd’s Creek Methodist Church.

Rev. Henry Clay Morrison
The camp-meeting was an annual two week event that drew hundreds and even thousands in its zenith. Many people traveled great distances and camped on the grounds with tents and later cottages that were built. The camp-meeting continued until the mid-1990s. However, deterioration of the park, along with the storm damage that took down the tabernacle ended active services. The park lay in ruins for approximately fifteen years.

In December 2010, a group of dedicated citizens began an effort to restore what was left of the park. In the past four and a half years, much of the grounds have been cleared and cleaned. The two original log cabins have been remodeled and stand in good repair. Last year, the restroom building was remodeled providing all new fixtures, along with a new septic system. In spring of this year, (2015) work began on a new electrical service for the park. This work has just been completed. The largest log structure on the grounds is the library cabin, built under the direction of Morrison. The cabin actually served as a working library for the community in the mid 1930s. This building has been restored to a church/chapel type facility to provide for smaller services, meetings and weddings. In May 2014, Morrison and the park were awarded a Kentucky Highway Historical Marker. Funding for this project was provided by the Barren County Historical Society.

                  Morrison Park , May 2014 at the Dedication of the Kentucky Historical Marker

 Morrison Park is not privately owned but was given to the people of Barren County by Henry Clay Morrison and his wife in 1930. The park was placed under the control of a Board of Directors who has maintained the park throughout the years. Morrison Park is not a church therefore it has no membership. There is no outside funding for the park and thus far, no grants have been made available. All monies used to restore the park have been obtained through fundraising events and by the generous donations of many people, churches and various organizations. To date, all the projects mentioned have been paid for and we have no debt. Several people have also given their time, labor and energy for the restoration of the buildings and of the grounds.

Now We Need Your Help!
The first stages of the restoration effort has now been accomplished and we at Morrison Park feel there is a great need to rebuild a tabernacle structure similar to the one erected by Morrison. The original tabernacle was a large wooden, open air structure. It seated several hundred people and provided adequate facilities to preach God’s Word in a revival /church type atmosphere. We feel a tabernacle is the heart of the park and is absolutely necessary to restore the park to its original function, work, and importance. The tabernacle will provide a venue for services to be held, God’s word to be preached, revivals and religious services to be conducted. The park is non-denominational and belongs to us all.
The park is planning a special fund raising effort for the tabernacle but we need your help too. We ask that you prayerfully consider supporting this cause, for the sharing of the Gospel message and a return to the old fashion way of worship. The grounds of Morrison Park, which Morrison called “A Sacred Spot,” has been the location for the saving of thousands of souls and on this hill are the echoes of the preaching of some of the finest and most spiritual preachers of their day.  Furthermore, we believe Morrison Park is one of the most important historical, religious and sacred locations anywhere in our area. It is too wonderful and too special to be lost.

Fundraising for the cost of the tabernacle will be on going through the spring of 2016, when we plan to begin the project. The original metal trusses from the old tabernacle are going to be used and everything will be done as conservatively and responsibly as can be done. One hundred per cent of what is given will go to the building of the tabernacle. No one at Morrison Park or the board receives any salary from the park or its funds. We only give our time, our energy, our own finances, along with our pledge, “to restore this dear old park.” God has told us to restore it and that is our goal. Morrison Park has federal text exempt status and your donation is tax deductible. Please pray for us and our efforts and please help anyway you can. God Bless You All.


                        Gary Bewley
                        President, Morrison Park Holiness Camp-Meeting

Donations and any correspondence may be sent to,

Gary Bewley
Morrison Park Camp Association Inc.
2731 Tompkinsville Road
Glasgow. Kentucky 42141
(270) 834-9553

Checks can be made payable to Morrison Park Camp Association.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Henry Clay Morrison Honored in The Christian Hall of Fame

Henry Clay Morrison
1857 – 1942

H. C. Morrison was born in Barren County, Kentucky*. His parents died when he was very young and he was raised by his grandparents. The rugged religious atmosphere and the constant spirit of revival throughout the Blue Grass region made a profound impression upon him. It awakened his consciousness to his need of Christ and the assurance of deliverance from sin. About the age of 11, he was converted and soon after felt the call to the ministry. Although he made no attempt to preach for about eight years, he was much occupied with church work. At the age of 19, he was licensed to preach and demonstrated the validity of his call.

In his work as a circuit rider and station pastor, he was called to one of the most responsible Methodist churches in Kentucky. In 1890 he left the pastorate to give himself to the work of evangelism and to the publishing of a religious paper called, The Old Methodist, which later became The Herald. Morrison’s evangelistic leadership in Methodism grew rapidly from Kentucky to most of the other states and foreign lands. A contemporary said of him, “To him was given by God a heart to move the multitude, a mind to think God’s thoughts, and a voice to rouse his century, his church, and his country.”

The camp meeting became one of his chief instruments; and perhaps no other man ever gave more time or effective leadership to this phase of evangelism than he. In addition to this, he served as President of Asbury Theological Seminary in 1923. William Jennings Bryan said, “I regard H. C. Morrison the greatest pulpit orator on the American continent.” And at Morrison’s death in 1942, it was written of him, “… a tall tree has fallen in the forest, but it went down with a great shout of victory. He died as he lived … in the midst of a campaign for souls.”
* Note: Morrison was actually Born in Bedford, Kentucky, and came to Barren County at age two.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Morrison Park, Boyhood Home of Rev.Henry Clay Morrison

Morrison Park Holiness Camp-Meeting, was established by Bro.Morrison in 1900, on the site of his boyhood home. Morrison came to Barren County at age two in 1859, and lived here until his teen age years. The painting of young Morrison (above) is part of a new project, an upcoming book. The book will be a colorful re-telling of Morrison's young life here in Barren County, and how the Lord used him for His glory. The book will serve as a fundraising tool, to help provide the costs of erecting a new tabernacle on the Morrison Park Camp-Meeting grounds, The plans are to build the new tabernacle in the same spot where Morrison and other great ministers preached over the years. The Book is planned for publication in November 2015.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Electrical Work continues at Morrison Park

Electrical work continues at Morrison Park. Tony Clemmons and his son are putting in the service. It is a lot of hard work on their part, but they are doing a great job. Ricky Spillman did the back hoe work. We will soon have lights in the Morrison Cabin, and the restroom building. This new service will also allow so many things to be added at a later time when needed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Electrical Work at Morrison Park

Restoration work is continuing at Morrison Park, to provide much needed electric service.  This service will provide electricity to the Morrison Library Cabin as well as the restroom facility. The work being done will also provide service for future projects such as a new tabernacle, and more outdoor lighting. With adequate weather the first phase of this work should be done within a few weeks. We are very excited to be moving forward with the restoration as we have promised, and  are very excited and grateful these things can be done. Thanks again to all those who have contributed to this project. We still need your support and value your prayers. God Bless, Gary Bewley

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Service at Morrison Park

An Easter Morning Sunrise Service was held this morning at Morrison Park Holiness Camp Meeting. Bro Eric Guffey, (pictured above) Pastor of Grider Memorial Church conducted the services. There was a good gathering, despite the cool temperatures. The services were held in the H.C. Morrison Memorial Library Cabin. Brother Guffey preached about  the resurrection, and about knowing Jesus as a true savior and friend. Brother Guffey did an outstanding job, with a Godly message full of Spirit and Truth It was enjoyed by all .
                                           Some of those who gathered are pictured here.