Sunday, September 10, 2017

H.C. Morrison Memorial Library Cabin at Morrison Park gets new roof.

We thank the Lord, and many giving people, answering our prayers, providing a new roof for the Morrison Library Cabin at Morrison Park. Daniel Rodriguez (center) and his crew (DMR Roofing) did the great work. The old roof had lots of rust that paint could only hide for a short time, and many leaks. A special thanks to the wonderful people at New Bethal Missionary Baptist Church in Allen County, that gave so much toward this effort. Thank you Lord.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Memorial donation made to Morrison Park in memory of Donna Carder Turner Rich

A memorial donation was made to Morrison Park by Wanda Bishop in memory of her sister, Donna Carder Turner Rich. A memorial page for Donna will be entered in the memorial book at the Morrison Library at Morrison Park.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Evangelist Rick Curry at Morrison Park

    A wonderful night last night with Evangelist Rick Curry at Morrison Park Camp Meeting. There was a good crowd and everyone seemed happy, joyous and blessed. The services continue tonight (Sat. July 1), and Sunday night, both at 7 p.m. Be sure to come, you will enjoy the park, and hearing Rev. Curry.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A trip through the Henry Clay Morrison home in Glasgow, Kentucky

The most wonderful home in Glasgow Kentucky, belongs to Stacey Cooper, who owns the house that once belonged to Rev. Henry Clay Morrison. The house is located on N. Race Street beside Glasgow Christian Church. Morrison purchased a beautifully wooded tract of two and a half acres in Glasgow. Since he was almost constantly engaged in evangelistic work, he arranged for his friend Rev. J.L. Piercy  to supervise the building of the house. Work began in early 1937 and was completed in 1938. In the intervals between revival campaigns Morrison made more than twenty trips to Glasgow to check on the progress which was being made. When the house was completed it was indeed something to be desired! The Two-story log home, placed some distance from the road and surrounded by numbers of shade trees, presented a picture of restful retreat. The seven room house had four bedrooms, each with it's own fireplace and private bath. In addition to the house the property included a large two and a half story garage, with room for two or three cars. This building had the same artistic log construction as did the house. Morrison built the house for a retirement home, however, his dream of retirement never materialized. According to information gleaned from his diaries he actually spent less less than two weeks in his Glasgow home. Furniture was placed in the house on July 13, 1938, and Morrison stayed there until until July 19. Two of his daughters, Anna Laura, and Helen , spent the week-end with him there, the largest family gathering to live in the house. He did not return until until June 9, 1939, when he spent one night there and reported having had a "good rest." A week later he enjoyed the the restful atmosphere of his home for part of one day, but was unable to stay over night since he was engaged in a revival campaign in Scottsville, Kentucky, where J.L. Piercy was the pastor. One year later Morrison and his daughter, Anna Laura Young, spent four days in Glasgow, June 18-21, 1940. During that time he wrote several chapters in his book, Some Chapters Of My Life Story, as well as several sermons.  Aside from the two brief visits of only a few hours each during which he was arranging for the care of the property, he never visited the property again. 
   The house is magnificent and built in the same fashion as the cabins at Morrison Park Camp meeting. The house, (for protection) is now covered with vinyl siding, but the inside is still logs, and much as it was in Morrison's time. Stacey allowed Nancy Richey and me to explore every bit of the house last Sunday evening. It was a dream come true for us. Stacey also gave us a gift, an original window from the home to place in the Morrison Museum. It was a very special day. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bro. Billy Moran, declared by the Morrison Park congregation, " the greatest pulpit orator on the American Continent."

Stormy Camp Meeting. The most miserable night in weather, that we ever enjoyed occurred at Morrison Park Camp Meeting last night. The night began pretty tame. Bro. Dennis Devore sang several songs from about 6:30 - 7 . A most talented man. Then the heavy rains and wind began. The rain blew in, and there was a bit of scuffling about to get to the section of the tabernacle less affected by the storm. After a few songs and a prayer that included a request for a break in the weather, Bro. Moran began an unforgettable sermon. Bro. Moran had several guest traveling with him, and in his desire to get everyone on board, he forgot his bible. He borrowed one from Bro. Billy Neal Davis, but hardly needed it, for it seems the bulk of the scripture is embedded greatly in the mind of Bro. Moran. His sermon and delivery was unforgettable. When he was done, everyone was amazed, and so blessed. Several comments were overheard, that despite the weather, this was the best night for sure. The amazing thing was that despite the threat of storms, there was a well represented crowd of people attending. At the conclusion of the service, it was decided by all in attendance that Bro. Moran should carry on the title once bestowed upon Henry Clay Morrison, "the greatest pulpit orator on the American Continent." Those who did not come missed much. Thank the Lord for this marvelous unforgettable service.                Gary Bewley

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Morrison Park Camp Meeting Began Last night.

    Morrison Park Camp Meeting began last night. What a wonderful service it was. Bro. Billy Neal Davis preached a great message, and shared his glorious testimony of salvation. There were many testimonies from the congregation and the Holy Spirit was strong in our hearts. There was great music by Bro. Wayne Strode and Sister Evelyne Hagan. If you were not there, you missed so much. Below, Evelyne Hagan welcomes Bro. Timothy Shirley's son to the service. Come join us tonight. Bro. Timothy Shirley will bring the message, and Bro. Tim, and Sister Debbie Sherfey will do some special music.